Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Taking Chances

I am a veteran. I don't claim to be a hero, as I'm certainly not. I don't claim to be a veteran of a 'big' war, as I'm certainly not. But I am a veteran, nonetheless. As such, I have a certain affinity with movies that portray veterans, and how they portray them.

I first heard of 'Taking Chance' a few years ago. I am a fan of Kevin Bacon, and generally like his movies. The fact that he won an award for this movie certainly enhanced my desire to watch this movie. The fact that it was an excellent movie, and very moving, enhanced my enjoyment immeasurably.

It brings us the tale of a US Marine major who is feeling guilt, because young men are dying in Iraq, and he is a 'number cruncher'. He watches the names of wounded and killed soldiers scroll across his laptop as his wife sleeps.

One night he sees the name of a Marine Private First Class that is from his home town, and the guilt gets to him. He requests to escort the body home, to his family and friends. This is unusual, as an officer doesn't usually escort an enlisted marine home.

This sets up the movie for the Major's journey to this Marine's home; he sees how the individual citizens feel about the war in Iraq, their feelings about those returning from that war, and the family and friends that are left to mourn those who are lost to war.

The movie as a whole is very sad, but also uplifting. I usually tear up at a few spots. It is well worth spending 2 hours of your time watching good quality TV. Please do so to honor any veterans in your life, past, present, or, possibly, future. And thank them for their service.