Sunday, May 1, 2016

Politics. What are they good for? Shite


Politics; such a divisive subject. Some people say they want to unite, but only divide. Some don't speak of unison at all, but seem to pull people together.

Maybe you like this candidate, and dislike the other. Then the one you like says something that is contrary to how you think. Do you vote for the other candidate?

Politics is delicate surgery. Too far one way, or the other, and you may make someone angry, or even lose a friend.

I made a comment last year, about the president, and two Marines having to move their wedding because the president waned to 'play through'. I didn't consider it very controversial. But someone who I had been friends with for almost 40 years took exception. He said I was what was wrong with this country. He then asked me to de-friend him on Facebook. Several months later he introduced me to his much younger wife, and acted like we were just old friends. I was courteous, as a decent person, but not impressed.

I consider myself to be pretty conservative, but I don't try to persuade people that my thoughts are the right ones. If you don't agree with me politically, then I not only encourage you, but believe it is your duty, to vote your conscience. And I will support you in voting that way.

But don't try and stop me from voting my conscience. Protests in this country are a time-honored right. But please don't try and stop me from doing what I believe is right. You do not have the right to stop me.

As it is my duty to support you in voting for things I don't believe, it's your duty to support me. Some say that the right to free speech doesn't protect nice speech, but rather speech you find abhorrent. In the United States, The Ku Klux Klan and Black Lives Matter both have the right to speak their hatred. I do not like what they say, but I accept their right to say it.

Some will say that Donald Trump should not run for president because he is from outside politics, that he has no chops for it. Some would also say that Hillary should not run, as she has to many chops. My philosophy has always been, the first thing that should disqualify someone from running for public office, is the fact that they want to run for public office. In that vein I consider Hillary to be the least qualified person running.

Having said all of that, whoever is elected will be my president. I will not join those jackasses who said that George Bush or Barack Obama was not their president, simply because they didn't vote for them. It doesn't matter who you vote for, because in the end, someone gets the job. And like it or not, that person is the President.

I will end with this. No matter who is elected president, the United States will survive. The earth was hit by an asteroid 65 million years ago that killed most of the life on earth. But the planet is still here. And so the United States of America will continue to survive. (drops mic)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Taking Chances

I am a veteran. I don't claim to be a hero, as I'm certainly not. I don't claim to be a veteran of a 'big' war, as I'm certainly not. But I am a veteran, nonetheless. As such, I have a certain affinity with movies that portray veterans, and how they portray them.

I first heard of 'Taking Chance' a few years ago. I am a fan of Kevin Bacon, and generally like his movies. The fact that he won an award for this movie certainly enhanced my desire to watch this movie. The fact that it was an excellent movie, and very moving, enhanced my enjoyment immeasurably.

It brings us the tale of a US Marine major who is feeling guilt, because young men are dying in Iraq, and he is a 'number cruncher'. He watches the names of wounded and killed soldiers scroll across his laptop as his wife sleeps.

One night he sees the name of a Marine Private First Class that is from his home town, and the guilt gets to him. He requests to escort the body home, to his family and friends. This is unusual, as an officer doesn't usually escort an enlisted marine home.

This sets up the movie for the Major's journey to this Marine's home; he sees how the individual citizens feel about the war in Iraq, their feelings about those returning from that war, and the family and friends that are left to mourn those who are lost to war.

The movie as a whole is very sad, but also uplifting. I usually tear up at a few spots. It is well worth spending 2 hours of your time watching good quality TV. Please do so to honor any veterans in your life, past, present, or, possibly, future. And thank them for their service.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Total Recall

So I just finished watching the new Total Recall movie with Colin Farrell. Not bad, but what I consider a popcorn movie. That being a movie that you watch, and enjoy, but after walking away from it, you don't really spend any time analyzing it. You don't delve into the character's motivations, the plot, or any of that other cinephile stuff. You enjoyed it while it was on the screen, and that's about it.

That said, it wasn't terrible. Colin Farrell does a good job with the actioner, not so much with the acting. Jessica Biel is alright, but never the exceptional actress. Kate Beckinsale, actress or not, is just lovely to look at. (I know that's sexist, but still true).

It has none of the humor or camp of the original starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It doesn't even have Mars. But it does have the 3-boobed woman. Whatever.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Wednesday (1978)

You know, I'm no surfer; never even tried it. But I love this movie. While surfing is a big part of this movie, its mostly used as a back drop to the story of 3 guys growing up.

The movie starts out in 1962, in Malibu, CA. It follows Matt, Jack, and Leroy "The Masochist" as they change from young guys surfing and partying, through adult pressures of young families and Viet Nam. The guys are played by Jan-Michael Vincent, William Katt, and Gary Busey, respectively.

As they grow, they take different paths in the real world. Do they fight in Viet Nam, or fight to stay out of the war? Do they accept their responsibilities as parents, or do they run from their young families?

These 3 guys are very believable in these parts. Especially Jan-Michael Vincent, as the brilliant surfer who can't seem to stay out of trouble, or the bottle. Backing them up in the cast is the always fun Reb Brown, who played Captain America in the late 70's, and young Robert Englund, as Fly, the narrator.

A lot of laughs from these guys, and other parts that are more poignant. Overall, one of my favorite movies.