Thursday, June 3, 2010


What's unthinkable about this movie is that it going straight to video. No movie premiere, no press junket for the stars. Imagine a world where a Samuel L. Jackson movie goes direct to video. Unheard of.

Well as it goes, this is pretty good flick. Basically, Michael Sheen is an Islamic terrorist that has set 3 bombs to explode in 3 American cities in a matter of days. Sam Jackson is sent in to interrogate him, using any means necessary.

His expertise is hampered by an FBI agent, played by Carrie Ann Moss. She's determined to stick with the constitution and the Geneva Convention etc. She is sure that his way is wrong, no matter the consequences.

So, do they find the bombs? Are there any actual bombs, or is this all a hoax? By torturing him, do we lower ourselves to the level that we believe that he must be at to do such evil? Is torture worth it if it saves American lives?

In this day and age, very good questions.