Saturday, August 11, 2012

Total Recall

So I just finished watching the new Total Recall movie with Colin Farrell. Not bad, but what I consider a popcorn movie. That being a movie that you watch, and enjoy, but after walking away from it, you don't really spend any time analyzing it. You don't delve into the character's motivations, the plot, or any of that other cinephile stuff. You enjoyed it while it was on the screen, and that's about it.

That said, it wasn't terrible. Colin Farrell does a good job with the actioner, not so much with the acting. Jessica Biel is alright, but never the exceptional actress. Kate Beckinsale, actress or not, is just lovely to look at. (I know that's sexist, but still true).

It has none of the humor or camp of the original starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It doesn't even have Mars. But it does have the 3-boobed woman. Whatever.